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11 Jan 2012

10 million good reasons to exhibit at or sponsor a Sydney business event

Some recent research commissioned by Business Event Sydney (BESydney) is helping business event exhibitors and sponsors understand the potential returns on their investment in exhibition halls — in dollars and beyond.

Measuring the social legacies of business events

The objective of the research, conducted by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), was to determine the non-tourism benefits that business events offer to stakeholders including the delegates, academia, exhibitors and the wider community.

As part of this study, they surveyed 59 exhibitors and sponsors at five major business events held in Sydney over the past three years:

  • The 12th World Congress of the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology 2009
  • The 7th International Orthodontics Congress 2010
  • FIG (International Federation of Surveyors) Congress 2010
  • HUPO (Human Proteome Organisation) 9th Annual World Congress 2010
  • Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology 2011

Their findings were overall extremely positive, with the majority of sponsors and exhibitors satisfied with what they achieved through their participation. Those objectives with the highest success rate include:

  • 90% of respondents gained product exposure/ awareness
  • 90% of respondents obtained leads for future business
  • 78% of respondents improved brand awareness
  • 73% of respondents contributed to the development of the sector
  • 71% of respondents raised their organisations profile amongst peers and delegates

What had they set out to achieve?

  • The primary objectives that most exhibitors and sponsors had for choosing to be a part of a business event in Sydney were to:
  • gain product exposure and awareness — 90%
  • network with clients and key industry figures — 90%
  • obtain leads for future business— 90%
  • raise the organisation’s profile —88%
  • improve brand awareness — 78%
  • reach an identified target audience — 76%
  • increase the recognition of the organisation as a contributor to the community — 75%
  • contribute to the development of the sector — 73%.

Sydney business event sponsor and exhibitor success ratio

The majority of exhibitors and sponsors enjoyed great success, particularly in the key areas of networking, business leads, awareness and raising their organisation’s profile amongst delegates.

The success ratio was worked out by dividing the number who achieved their objective against the number who stated it was a goal i.e. their intention. A minimum 61% of the sponsors and exhibitors achieved their objectives on every goal.

The most successful five objectives of exhibitors and sponsors were:

100% investment success – up to $10 millionAmazingly, all 59 exhibitors and sponsors surveyed gained investments as a result of supporting the business event:

  • 31% from overseas
  • 24% from interstate
  • 14% gained investment from within New South Wales.

The investments they received ranged from $1,500 to more than $10 million.

View the Beyond Tourism Benefits – Measuring the Social Legacies of Business Events report for more information and let us know what are your most important goals as an event sponsor or exhibitor?

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